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  • Effluent BSL: 1-2-3
  • Capacity: 40-foot high-cube shipping container
  • Technology: Batch or Continuous Flow
  • Utility: Electricity or Steam (autonomous)

Decontamination and design

  • Self-powered unit
  • All equipment complies with the WHO Standard for the design of BSL3 Labels, Third Edition and ISO 14644-1 / 4
  • 40-foot high-cube shipping container with a footprint of 30 sqm. Possibility to supply the container on a trailer of 20 or 40 feet.
  • Outside access door of the laboratory sized to allow entering large equipment before commissioning (freezers -112°F/-80°C, PSM…) and emergency exit in case of problems.
  • Lab solution designed to protect both operators inside the laboratory and the immediate environment of the laboratory
  • Laboratory bulkheads and waterproof ceilings in cleanroom-type double skin panels, antimicrobial electrical installations, waterproof and non-porous flooring, perfect seal of ventilation, recovery and by-pass ventilation networks (duct decontamination) …
  • Possibility to use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and/or peracetic acid (C2H4O3) for decontamination.
  • Maintenance system with mobile videoconferencing kits and possibility of providing connected glasses to answer critical questions remotely

Equipment components

All-in-one lab container composed of:

  • BSL-3 type laboratory decontamination equipment including collecting tank, decontamination unit and CIP
  • Safety shower (cold water)
  • Technical room with HVAC system for classification of ISO-8 type laboratories, complete central air treatment, compound air extraction system

Secured access

  • Access door outside the airlock #1 with an access control with display of the first airlock pressure and fitted with a videophone.
  • Access door of the laboratory without any handle outside to avoid any risk of intrusion.
  • Doors equipped with interlock control system: opening by badge & motion detection.
  • Display of the pressures and possibility to make appear messages (alarms, defects…)

Pictures of the LAB CONTAINER in action

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